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I model a hydraulic system in Twinbuilder using Modelica. I have problems in my system and I want to get detailed information about these problems. But in Twinbuilder it throws an error without showing any detail. But for example in Dymola more details about the error can be observed. For example the error in Dymola is like:

Model error - differentiated if-then-else was not continuous: (if time < 0.050724637681159424 then 0 else Sine2.amplitudesin(289.02652413026095(time-0.050724637681159424)+Sine2.phase)) Value jumped from 0 to 0.00556683.

Is there any way to get more detail about the error in Twinbuilder like Dymola?

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    To access the detailed information, please under Transient Analysis select Default options.

    In the next window select "New" . Go to General tab and under Advanced Logging Info Select All. This will generate an advanced log for you.

    To access that log, open the results folder and search for the name of your design, you will see a folder named Advanced Logs.



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