fsi problem

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I want to perform prestressed harmonic analysis and I have followed one video by @peteroznewman . In that, He performed one-way fsi and I want to do Two-way fsi because fluid also effects on membrane velocity in my case.

I want to simulate a CMUT device( Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer) with considering fluid medium (Water) on it.

In this video that fork is inside the enclosure but I want fluid on top of the one surface.

so I am not able to define enclosure on it. So I designed a box using Design modeller. When I imported a load of the membrane from the harmonic response in harmonic acoustic I got this kind of error:


*** ERROR ***                          CP =      4.859  TIME= 12:22:12

The velocities are not defined on the exterior surface of the model in harmonic analysis. Please check the velocity body load carefully.     

Here I have attached workbench file. Could anyone please help me?

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