Unable to start the Meshing editor - Linux (RHEL 7.5) VNC VirtualGL

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Workbech shows an error message "Unable to start the Meshing editor" after installation of Ansys2021R1.

Ansys2020R1 is working okay, but Ansys2020R2 and 2021R1 show the similar error message and can not use the meshing editor. The design modeller is okay.

The attached file is the log file and bashrc - Linux RHEL 7.5.

Could you please check how to resolve this issue asap?

Many thank you,



  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    @db_ik What happens if you start Workbench using "vglrun wb202" or "vglrun wb211".

    What do you have for graphics devices on the local and remote machines?

  • db_ikdb_ik Member Posts: 3

    Hi, thank you for your reply

    the command with

    $ vglrun /ansys_inc/v211/Framework/bin/Linux64/runwb2

    shows the error as unable to start the meshing editor.

    it works for Ansys 2020 R1 but after version 2020 R2 & 2021R1 show the error of unable to start the meshing editor.

    Fluent and design modeler are working find for all version, but for not the mesher.

    I attached the glxinfo, you can see the graphics option

    (it has Nvidia Quardo K2000 - installed the most updated driver from Nvidia)

    at front of the workstation desk, all version works fine however, remote access is the issue though version 2020R1 works all fine.

    Could you please have a look why the version 2020R2 and 2021R1 are not working...

    Many thank you,

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