Getting error in simulating the CL images

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I have the very first version of the cathodoluminescence script (written by Dr. James pond and my phd research group). However the files are attached herein.

One can calculate the CL images with this script file. And to do this, one needs to run the line scan through X and Y axis (here I have selected line scan along X and Y with 10X10 points). But I do not know why I am getting this error problem: Error: D:/FDTD_Simulations/Triangle/triangle_500nm/sp_ebeam_image.lsf line 86: in sourcenorm: no source named ebeam::s1 was found


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    This error is occurring because the sourcenorm command is looking for a source object named "ebeam::s1" but it can't find it in the Objects Tree. I believe I answered the same question in this post:

    Here was the solution:

    I believe that this is because the “s1” source is outside the simulation region as well, when I changed this to the “s595” source, which is inside the simulation region, the script ran without error, and the plot and text file are created.

    Does the script work if the s1 source is moved into the simulation region, or you use a difference source that is in the simulation region?

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    Thanks a lot for pointing out the source of error. Yeah! there was a mistake in choosing the the coordinate. I am trying to run the model after modification. Let you know the status.

    Thanks a lot again.



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    You're welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.

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