Setting up remote simulation management

roniwroniw Member Posts: 10

We’re trying to set up remote simulation management on a Redhat Google Cloud server and are following the instructions in the RSM tutorial. However, the setting “Disable access by remote machines” is selected and grayed out such that we cannot unselect it to allow remote simulation (see image). Has anyone run into this and would know how to fix it?


  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    @roniw Have you installed and started the ansoftrsmservice on the machines?

  • roniwroniw Member Posts: 10

    Ah that was the issue. Thank you! But now I am getting the error:

    Unable to start COM engine on <IP> : Unable to reach AnsoftRSMService. Check if the service is running and if the firewall allows communication.

    I've verified the RSM is running and I've added specific port exceptions to my Windows firewall in addition to the Ansys exceptions. There is no firewall on my Redhat machine.

  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    Are you trying to just solve remotely on the one Redhat machine, from your local Windows machine?

    The RSM service listens on port 32958 and spawns the appropriate comm services which create new ports back - these could blocked. These ports are dynamic and cannot be set to static.

    At windows end we can give application level exceptions for RSM, the UI and the comengines. With this there is no issue as far as windows to windows analysis.

    For windows to linux solves, at windows end we can still give application level exceptions and at the linux end or at the hardware firewall end, we need to open up firewall for ephemeral or dynamic ports for both windows side range and the linux side range ( if the ranges are not the same).

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