How to simulate the balloon of force in oil

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Professor, ,I am a novice. I want to do a simulation, in which an oil tank with a diameter of 0.5 meters and a height of 10 meters has 8 meters of oil.

At the bottom of the tank there is a 0.05 m diameter inlet and a 0.0.5 outlet, the outlet and the inlet are just in a symmetrical position.

At the same time, there is a metal cage at the bottom of the tank, in which there is a 0.05 meter diameter balloon filled with antifreeze.

I want to know what happens to the pressure inside the balloon and the pressure outside the balloon when( the inlet and outlet velocity of the tank changes very rapidly / the inlet and outlet velocity are at a particular velocity).

I just ask you to provide me with the design ideas, which do not need to conform to the parameters I provided, because I do not know how to simulate the effect of fluid on elastic materials. Elastic materials cannot be set up in FLUENT, and complex fluid simulation cannot be set up in Static structure.

 thank you for your help.?


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    You have 2 options.

    1- Use 2-way FSI .. this could be done through workbench.

    2- Use deforming mesh UDF in fluent. The function will calculate the balloon size every time step and provide fluent with the new surface location.

    Both are not simple and requires you to run some tutorials and go through the manual.


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