How is Safety Factor Calculated?

akaf24akaf24 Member Posts: 1

Hello, I am doing a basic static structural model. I have an alumina cylinder under pressure and I want to know the stress profile and safety factor. I had to make this material myself because I couldn't find it in the included Ansys libraries. All I did was enter the density, Young's Modulus, and Poisson's Ratio (see the attached pic). In my model, I have included the Stress Tool Safety Factor in the solution. It is set to Max Equivalent Stress for the theory, and Tensile Yield per Material for the Stress Limit Type. I ran the simulation and it gave me nice looking answers for both stress and safety factor profiles. I am wondering: How is it calculating safety factor when I never told Ansys any strength properties about my material? I never typed in the yield or ultimate strength of alumina so what's the formula that Ansys uses? This safety factor is meaningless to me because I do not understand what it's representing. Thanks.


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