Problem on boundary layer thickness on flat plate

akbanakban Member Posts: 37


I am simulating a very simple case of flow over a flat plate with or without a cube placed on the flat plate.

The configuration looks like this:

My problem is 2 fold.


The fully developed boundary layer thickness (in the upstream) hardly varies with the variation of velocity. For example-

BL thickness for vx=0.01 m/s

BL thickness for vx=0.35 m/s

BL thickness for vx=1 m/s

Please suggest why does not the BL thickness vary significantly with vx?


If I simulate flow over flat plate without the cube placed on bottom, then it gives very different boundary layer thickness. In this case boundary layer thickness turns out to be of the order of mm. I am puzzled. I should get the same BL thickness for both the cases.

Kindly suggest.


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