Error while extracting zip file for STUDENT_2020R2

I recently had to reinstall windows and therefore had to reinstall Ansys. After downloading the zip file from the website, I attempted to extract it but ran into these errors shown below. I have tried WinRAR and WinZip but ran into similar errors. Any sort of help is much appreciated. I used chrome to access your website.


  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    @Sahil_P Can you please download a new copy of the installer from the customer portal? Please provide me with the size of the downloaded file. Can you try using 7zip to extract the download?

  • Sahil_PSahil_P Member Posts: 5

    I reinstalled chrome and a new copy of the installer from the customer portal and it's working so far. I used the native Windows zip extractor. I did receive a message telling me to review "installation files, installl.err"

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