How can I connect coils in series

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I have made a transformer coil with 10 turns taken from RmExprt. UIse Seperate bodies option to make individual coils. Make surface sections as shown below

Connect the selected sections together using Unite option to make it series. Similarly connected other terminals also like this make this winding as a series winding with 10 turns.

Excitation given to the terminals given below.

After constructing this when I go through conduction path validation it is found with 10 different conduction path, even though I unite terminals.

That means all these coils are not connected as a single winding.

Any one please help me to make it as a single winding with one parallel path.

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    Hi @Sherin 

    Are you creating a winding in the Excitation?

    when you are defining a winding group under excitation you will see an option to define the number of parallel paths. If you leve this to 1 all the coli terminals added under this winding will be considered in series.

    You will still see the number of conduction paths equal to the number of coils, but maxwell considers all the coils as series within that winding group.

    You cal follow the below procedure.

    When you create the sections for the coil you get two sections for each coil. Keeping the section selected, use the separate bodies option under Modler>Boolean>separate bodies

    Now all the sections are separate. what you need is only one coil section per coil. delete all the sections on one side of the coil group.

    Now you have one section per turn. assign coil terminal excitation to all coil sections. all these are displayed under the excitations in the project manager.

    Right-click on excitations and create winding and define the current. Now select the winding definition under excitation and assign coil terminals, select all the coils and add to the winding



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    Thank you for your information. Will try like that.

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