Mesh incompatible error when changing geometry parameter in Fluent

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I'm trying to do a parametric study using Fluent. I imported my Solidworks model to Spaceclaim and used the pull function to set up some geometry parameters. My original model works fine and has reasonable results. However, when I try to change the geometry parameters in the parameter set and update the design point, it has an error of 'Model information is incompatible with incoming mesh. Fluent failed to apply some mesh operations'. I noticed that in Fluent whenever there is a change in Mesh, it's pretty easy to get this warning. Is there a way to change geometry parameters without facing this kind of error?

Thanks for your help!

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    It shouldn't matter as there are no settings assigned to those walls. Using a conformal mesh will remove the problem. In the current set up try File - Batch Options

    And "Hide Questions". I've not used that option recently but it may bypass the check to some extent.


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