Problems with Ansys Maxwell in Electronics desktop running HPC.

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for a few days im trying to find any information about HPC and how to use it to run simulation simultaneously on several computers with Ansys Maxwell 3D/2D, but only things i can find are commercial texts, about how HPC is great and how it could help me with HFFS.

I'm unable to find any sort of tutorial or information about how to implement it.

The thing im trying to do is to run one simulation with parametric analysis so it would not only run on multiple threads on one computer but to run it even on multiple computers using theirs cpu. Is it even possible ? If so, could you please direct me to some tutorials ?

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  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    @Mancl There is information in the Help documentation regarding running Parametric analyses. There is also information regarding using HPC to run across multiple machines, provided you have HPC licensing to support it. You would need to install the ansoftrsmservice and mpi on each machine and open firewalls to allow communications.

    You can also use hPC licensing to run on multiple cores on your local computer by modifying your HPC and Analysis Options to specify running on more cores.

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