Why Ansys still iterate when the execution command is used?

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Dear all,

I have used the command /solve/set/equations/flow/no. But apparently ANSYS still iterate for example 200 iterations. Although, it doesn't solve the flow equations as they are blocked. Is there a way how to disable also the iterations?

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  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    Why are you iterating if you don't want the solver to? Note, if other equations are active (eg turbulence) then that will be solved. Flow just covers momentum.

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    My simulation includes DPM and I update the flow after xx number of time steps

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    If you just want to update the DPM and freeze the flow make sure you deactivate all of the fluid equations. For most models that'll be flow and turbulence. Then you should just be doing the DPM calculation every time step.

  • Ales23Ales23 Member Posts: 16

    I have a laminar flow I used: /solve/set/equations/flow/no

    But it still iterates for example 200 iterations.

  • Ales23Ales23 Member Posts: 16

    in fact it doesn't write the number of iterations. BUt it takes time to perform each time step. Let's imagine after the first time step I have 200 iterations and I update flow after 10 time steps; one would expect to start with iteration number 201 but I start with 2001. Which means that it has performed 200 iterations for each time step although, it hasn't solve the flow (this is correct)

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,371

    It will be updating the particle position for each time step, this does take some time.

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    Yes, to this I understand but just the time is not always the same.

    If I set the number of iterations to 3 or 200. The time to solve one time step is way different (I tried to use it also without DPM) .

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