How to simulate 1D stress wave propagation?

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Dear All, I am trying to simulate Split-Hopkinson Pressure bar (SHPB). I have designed the incident, transmission bar of Al6061-T6, and sample. I am running simulation using Ansys Explicit Dynamics. In results i am getting SOUNDSPEED for Al 6061 : 6108 m/s. which is due to redial or Poisson's ratio (check another discussion: . But actual experiment neglects the radial effects considering only 1-D wave propagation.

Now, How can I simulate SHPB setup using only 1-D propagation of stress wave? What type of constraints i need to apply?


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    The sound speed is the speed used by the solver in the Courant condition which calculates the stable time step.

    So it is used in dt=typical_Element_Length/SOUNDSPEED by the software to calculate dt.

    We should not use this SOUNDPSEED to compare against theory or results-

    We should do as Peter and I explained in the previous post - so to get the speed of the stress wave, we need to see how long it takes for the wave to travel a certain distance in our FE results, just like you tried doing in the previous post where you showed stress time histories of the wave.

    Thank you


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