Valve simulation

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Hello everyone, I am currently working on the development of a valve and I'm having difficulty getting good results. 

The valve has to open at 170 bars (pressure inlet) and at the outlet, it has to open at 1 bar (atmospheric pressure). The valve is associated with a spring to allow return. 

The surrounding fluid is compressible;

The analysis is transient 

Solver type: density-based

Formulation: implicit

The contact between the valve and the wall (upper wall) is defined as a porous zone :

Mesh quality : 

the calculation is launched at the first order of upwind. With a time step of 5 e-7s. 

The residues do not converge : 

And the valve moves with difficulty :

If someone has an idea how to solve this, I will be able to add information if you wish. 

Thank you  


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