Transient model pattern changing point

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Hi everyone,

I found something interesting in my simulation pattern:

As I use an element size >=6e-5 and < 6e-5, the simulation patterns were completely different:

However, within their own group, simulation patterns were the same:

element size 5.5e-6 vs 5.75e-6

I am using the same original fluent file and only changing the mesh quality to export, all the settings should be the same. So I wonder if that's a problem associated with the mesh quality such as mesh orthogonality? would a change in bias factor in y-direction cause this issue?

cells with orthogonality>0.75 (element size 6e-6)

cells with orthogonality>0.75 (element size 5.75e-6)

the images of cells with skewness <0.8 and aspect ratio<=2 are the same with different element size.

Just wondering if anyone knows what could cause the difference in the simulation patterns?

Best regards,



  • KremellaKremella Admin Posts: 2,326


    When you change your grid, do you also change your time-step to maintain the same CFL number?

    Also, what are your VOF settings? Explicit formulation with sharp interface modeling?

    What discretization schemes are you using?


  • Lugia_06Lugia_06 Member Posts: 79

    Hi Kremella,

    Good to see you on the forum again!😀 I kept the same number of time step and step size(1e-6) as I run the models, however, sometimes the fluent system itself auto changed my step size into a lower number like 9.999998e-7 (not sure if that matters).

    Please see below my VOF settings and discretisation schemes:

    explicit with sharp interface modelling

    Best regards,


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    no it doesn't matter ... I always have this issue 😁

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