convergence issue in seismic analysis of beam column joint

tolukumartolukumar Member Posts: 6

I am not able to find a solution to this problem.

*** ERROR ***              CP =  15887.891  TIME= 17:47:40

 Solution not converged at time 1889.2 (load step 96 substep 15).     

 Run terminated.                             

For reference, I have attached the solve.out file in "txt format"

too with this question.

Note- At load step 96, I am already using a minimum of 35 substeps and a maximum of 50 substeps

Topic:- Seismic analysis of beam-column joint.

Analysis system:- Static structural

Loading:- Cyclic loading (cyclic displacements)


  1. CPT 215 element for concrete ( because I am using Druger-Pager failure criterion)
  2. Structural steel non-linear for reinforcements

Analysis setting:-

Newton- Raphson: UNSYMMETRICAL

force convergence: Tolerance-5%

minimum Reference-10 N

displacement convergence: Tolerance-3%

minimum Reference- 3mm



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