Walls forming when loading mesh into ANSYS Fluent

solovievsoloviev Member Posts: 304


I have made similar meshes previously and have not had this issue. I made a geometry with a bottom piece (solid) and two boxes above that (fluid) that I formed as one part. The two boxes above need to be separate since they are meshed separately, but I want them as one part so that they will be calculated in Fluent as the same body (all one fluid zone). I've done this before with no issue. I am doing this now, and at first there was a wall forming in between the two fluid zones. I deleted the 'mesh contact zone' between them and this wall was not generated when loading into Fluent, but now there are 'walls' forming that appear to be outside each of the components. I've attached images below of the tree of the geometry in meshing and then the walls created when loading the mesh into Fluent. I'm still not sure why they're being created since this hasn't happened before even when making meshes in the same way.




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