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Adding anisotropic properties in ANSYS workbench — Ansys Learning Forum

Adding anisotropic properties in ANSYS workbench

masud407masud407 Member Posts: 125


I was trying to perform a compression test of a lattice and trying to compare the result of the compression test. As 3d printed structures show anisotropic behavior, my simulation result (considering isotropic material) was away from the experimental result. Can anyone guide me on how to add anisotropic material in ANSYS and what are parameters are required?

I found that I should add six coefficients in the anisotropic tab and I have attached the figure of six coefficients. But I am not sure how to insert the values of the six coefficients.

Also, can anyone also tell me the criteria in selecting the plasticity model (bilinear isotropic/bilinear hardening/multilinear hardening, etc.) based on the experimental data?


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