Engineering Data - Additive Manufacturing Materials

pshallpshall Member Posts: 1

Within the engineering data tab of Ansys Structural, one of the material libraries is that of Additive Manufacturing Materials containing 17-4PH Stainless, Titanium Alloy, etc.

Additive manufacturing is such a broad category, ranging from laser sintering to fdm printing which vary wildly in material properties depending on inputs such as infill ratio, print orientation, layer height and more.

Does anyone know what assumptions were made in the material properties within this section? or even better where this data was pulled from? All I can seem to find is that it is "sample data representative of XXX material" which is not very helpful!

Thanks in advance!


  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghPosts: 118Member

    It is just sample material data of the most common materials known to be used successfully for PBF and DED process. It is ultimately the end user's responsibility to validate the material property assumptions.

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