can remote solve manager choose the results which export to local from cluster

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Hi All,

I am sending the job with rsm to the cluster. Then the clusters solve the job and cluster send all results to my local computer. However, i want to get the only one result file because i do not have enough memory for all the results at my local. How can i arrange that the only one result file come to my local?

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    @sametgoner Well, learn something new every day! Or in my case remember something every day. I had forgotten about this: if you are using version 2021 R1 there is a new way to do this. In Mechanical go to File -> Options; Results -> RSM File Manager: RSM Output Files Downloaded. Change the value to 'Show'. Ok out of the Options window. Now next time you retrieve files from a remote solve a form will pop-open that lists all the solve files. You can uncheck those that you do not want retrieved. Any files not retrieved will be deleted.



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