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Converting Usermat to Linear Elastic — Ansys Learning Forum

Converting Usermat to Linear Elastic

daniel110395daniel110395 Member Posts: 1


I wanted to convert the Usermat to linear elastic material model hence I gave a very high yield stress value to skip the plasticity calculation. The model works fine with plastic strain value being zero and there's a linear relationship between stress and strain. However when I compare the results with the linear elastic material from workbench, there's a mismatch in the results and any changes made in Usermat reflects only on Stress values. Does ansys have a different way to calculate strain sent to Usermat and the strain value used in linear elastic model? Or are there any changes need to be done in Usermat to convert it to Linear elastic?


  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghMember Posts: 118

    Could it be that the Poisson's ratio assumption in usermat is different? I am not sure what else might be different since this is a customized user routine, but wouldn't it be easier to just reassign the material attribute for the part to a linear elastic material option?

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