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bolt pretension in submodelling — Ansys Learning Forum

bolt pretension in submodelling

bokaJbokaJ Member Posts: 29

Dear Ladies and gentleman,

I want to find out the stresses on the following structure:

The modell is foxed on the left side anbd on the right side there is a fore and a moment.

I am interested in the stresses of the yellwo one. Because the modell is very big, I want to look closer inside with a submodell.

So I connected it as you can see below:

For the imported cut boundary constraints I selected all faces which are in contact with other parts or at where I cut through my modell.

I also put in the bolt pretension on my sub modell, therefore I divided the pretension force through the cross section area of the bolt in the whole modell and then multiplied it with the new cross section area in the submodell.

Then I get following results:

I am not sure if this could be correct because there is something strange in the marked area.

So I also included an extra area for the cut boundary constraints as you ca see below:

But then the solution looks quite more wrong.

I am espacially interested in the marked areas bellow:

Can anyone help me please?

Best regards



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