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No other file types show up when I want to export is there a setting I'm missing? — Ansys Learning Forum

No other file types show up when I want to export is there a setting I'm missing?

I want to save the file as a .stl file but no other file types appear when I try to save.

Additionally, there is no export button option in the Create category under Facets.


  • Brodasaurus_RexBrodasaurus_Rex Member Posts: 2

    I managed to find this:

    I really like SC especially for editing 3D scan data but honestly what is the point of offering an academic modeling software if you can't export the model.

    This seems like a cruel way to make money by forcing people to buy the full version when simple exports such as .stl files are available in nearly every other modeling program, many of which offer free versions.

    If this feature is kept I urge the marketing team to FULLY DISCLOSE that the academic edition cannot export files so people like me don't spend hours on a design only to discover their work is essentially useless.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,851

    The full version (and Research) does offer stl export, along with vrml and a few others for faceted geometry. SpaceClaim is intended to feed geometry to the meshing tools, which should read scdoc even if faceted.

  • Element3DElement3D Member Posts: 7

    So the 2021 SC student version isn't going to allow export options or save as STL options? Or did you find a setting, and or figure this out another way? I actually had this issue with the 2020 version. Figured out how to fix it, but I don't remember how. I looked back in my messages and see several different options, but again I'm unsure which one actually resolved it. I think it might be the option that involved when installing the software you need to make sure you click on the install Translators option when Run Administrator option on setup is selected. Although currently I uninstalled it all and after selecting Run Administrator option is started it thinks for a few second and then does nothing. Not sure, might be a glitch or something. Here is a link to my discussion: Rob and ANSYS_BBueno are the two that helped me with this.

  • Element3DElement3D Member Posts: 7

    I just found this: Product Restrictions

    • No geometry export.
    • Can only save in Discovery(*.scdoc) format.

    This Sucks Raspberries! Please Fix, I don't have enough money to purchase the full version :(..

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