Error Flexlm server is not responding : GRANT Edupack 2021 R1.202

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For my materials science course, my professor provided us a license of Granta Edupack 2021 R1.202 and all instruction to install and activate it. An assignment planned for the end of May must include information got from your software. However, I followed all the instructions given for the installation and the software is not opening.

How I am not in the university network, I connect in it by a VPN, which is working correctly. As it was said on the instructions, the VPN must be activate before running the software. The Granta Edupack gives the following error window : 

I have searched in the forum and found something about the third port, which is dynamic and should be set static. Unfortunately, as I am not the network admin, I do not have access to some files. 

What can I do to access the software and be able to use it?

I have already contacted my professor's team but it takes a while.

P.S.: I erased the server off the picture because I thought it should not be published but I am not sure.


  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 1,056Ansys Employee

    @FrBrenno can you please open Windows Powershell and run this command? Replace "servername" with the actual servername of the license server. Share the output. You can block out the name if you prefer.

    Test-NetConnection servername -Port 1055

    If this fails, there is a problem accessing the license server over the VPN. If this is successful then this could be failure due to the dynamic port for ansyslmd which will need to be set to a static port by the IT team. They also need to ensure license communications can get through any VPN firewalls.

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    I am having the same problem. When I use this command in Powershell is says false. But with what do I have to replace the servername with? When I try to replace it with the VPN I got from my school it doesn't work.

  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 1,056Ansys Employee

    @FNCvanE "servername" would the the name of the license server that you are trying to connect to, it would be the name shown in the error message.

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