Where can I find Lumerical's technical resources?

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This post summarizes the migration plans for Lumerical's technical resources:

  • Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Application Gallery (apps)
  • Lumerical University (EDU to ALH, AIC)
  • Support forum (KX to ALF)
  • Commercial technical support
  • Product downloads
  • Licensing portal

Knowledge Base (KB)

The Lumerical Knowledge Base is not moving, at least for the foreseeable future.

Access: Open to everyone.

Application Gallery (apps)

The Lumerical Application Gallery is not moving, at least for the foreseeable future.

Access: Users must register for Lumerical support to download example files.

Lumerical University

Lumerical University courses are being moved to the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH) and the Ansys Innovation Courses (AIC) platform. When both migrations are complete, Lumerical University will shut down (on Sept 27, 2021). Learn more.

Ansys Learning Hub (ALH): Migration complete. Find the Lumerical courses in the ALH Photonics Building.

Access: ALH requires a subscription. Check with your account manager to see if your company has access.

Ansys Innovation Courses (AIC): Migration to AIC - Photonics is in-progress.

Access: Open to everyone.

Support forum (KX to ALF)

The Knowledge Exchange forum has moved to the Ansys Learning Forum (ALF). That's where you are right now! For more information, see the Lumerical support has moved to the Ansys Learning Forum (ALF) post.

Access: Open to everyone. Start by creating your ALF account.

Commercial technical support

Technical support for commercial customers (via email, phone) is provided via the Lumerical support portal, not the Ansys customer portal.

Access: Customers with a commercial license. Academic license holders should use the Ansys Learning Forum.

Product downloads

Lumerical products can be downloaded from the main Ansys product download page or the Lumerical page. Specifically:

Lumerical download page: The Lumerical product installer, Lumerical License Manager and Ansys License Manager are available on the Lumerical download page.

Access: Anyone with an Ansys account. Create your account here.

Ansys download page: The Lumerical product installer and Ansys License Manager are available on the Ansys download page.

Access: Commercial customers and anyone designated as an Ansys Support Coordinator (ASC). You'll need your Ansys account number to create an Ansys Customer Portal account.

Licensing portal

Lumerical product licensing is switching from the Lumerical license manager to the Ansys license manager. The Ansys licensing portal allows customers with an Ansys license to manage their license (activate, rehost, etc).

Access: Designated Ansys Support Coordinator (ASC) for your account will have access to the licensing portal. Customers with a legacy Lumerical license will not have access to the Ansys Licensing portal.

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