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Best Hyperelastic model For Styrene Butadiene Rubber wheel tyre? — Ansys Learning Forum

Best Hyperelastic model For Styrene Butadiene Rubber wheel tyre?

Adam2700Adam2700 Member Posts: 1

Hi All,

I am trying to perform an explicit dynamic simulation in Ansys of a wheel. I would like to apply a styrene-butadiene rubber material to the tyre geometry however I do not have any styrene-butadiene rubber data. I can't seem to find any studies that establish the best hyperelastic model for a styrene-butadiene rubber without assessing other factors such as mixture percentage etc.

Can anyone suggest the best hyperelastic model use for a standard styrene-butadiene rubber tyre that can be commonly found on powered on manual disability vehicles?

I have attached a link to a table of styrene-butadiene rubber material, but I can't figure out how to input these in new material in Ansys either as there are so many variables. Would it be better to use the attached properties or an Ansys provided hyperelastic model (the latter seems simpler)?



  • 1shan1shan Ansys Employee Posts: 262

    Hello @Adam2700,

    Which model is the 'best' is usually determined by how closely it fits your experimental testing data. If you check the literature you would find several models being used for styrene-butadiene rubber, each of which give accurate results. If you do not have the experimental data, you could refer a good article in the literature, use the test data and try out different models that are available in ANSYS and check which fits the best. You could check out different models 4.6. Hyperelasticity (, testing and curve fitting procedure 6.1. Hyperelastic Material Curve-Fitting (



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