Get output on a specific section throughout the length

Let's suppose I want to get stress and deformation results in a specific section (only middle section) throughout the length of a plate (Suppose plate dimensions 1.5 x 1 m) - Basically I want to show how the stress changes in x-dir, from 0 to 1.5 m (see Fig).
As far as I know, to do that we add a Construction Geometry, which we include it in the Scoping Method of the Solution Output.

  • when I do a `Two Point` Path I get `almost` the wanted result, but I get it in specific heights of the thickness. I want to get the max stress for the whole thickness in that position (like max through the section cut)
  • when the `Path Type` is `X Axis Intersection`, the coordinate system still has to be located in a specific thickness height
  • when the construction geometry is `Surface`, I get the output on the section cut, but it is Stress-Time graph instead of Stress-length of x-dir



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