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I have modeled a wind turbine blade in SolidWorks from standard airfoil coordinates, for simulation in Ansys. I’m using the multiple reference frame capability to generate an inertial and rotating domain for my simulation. The wind turbine blade is a void in the rotating domain.

The problem is I’m failing to mesh the rotating domain with the turbine blade void and the error messages indicate that there is a problem in the void which translates to the blade itself

To verify and troubleshoot i meshed the blade directly and seems like it’s distorted on the edges of the suction side and indicating that one of the surface that makes half of the pressure and suction side is causing the meshing failure

However I imported the geometry as a .iges and . step file and attempted meshing but to no avail. When viewed from Design Modeller, all the surfaces seem to be present but only get distorted and lose other elements in meshing. I presume maybe that’s why the void in the domain is failing to be meshed?

What could be the problem? Could you please assist


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    Are you using Design Modeler and Ansys Meshing?

    This could be due to geometry problem or due to wrong mesh sizing. Can you please check following? 

    1. Please check geometry in SpaceClaim. Select geometry in structure tree --> Use right click --> Select Check Geometry. The geometry should be error free to proceed. If geometry has any errors, please modify/recreate geometry at those places.
    2. If geometry is error free, then please select 'CFD' as Physics Preference in meshing. 
    3. Please give body/face/edge sizing so that mesh has sufficient mesh density and resolve important features. 
    4. For the error, please use right click on the error and click on 'problematic geometry'. This will highlight geometry which is failing to mesh. You will need to modify geometry at this location or change mesh sizing. 
    5. If your meshing has special controls like periodicity, please check if those are correctly defined. 



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