Failure simulation on Workbench LS Dyna.

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We think we have modeled our material correctly on Workbench LS-Dyna. With J-C Failure, we took into account the non-linear and strain rate effects on our material. When the explicit analysis is done through Workbench Explicit Dynamics, when a failure occurs in the material, it appears through the simulation. The eroding can be seen in Explicit Dynamics. But the failure in does not appear in Workbench Ls Dyna. Therefore, we do not think there is any problem in our material modeling. We think it might be due to a technical setting in the program. How can we solve it? How can I see the material failure with eroding?


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    If you want to apply the Johnson Cook strength and failure model from Explicit Dynamics system directly to WB LS-DYNA system, you need to insert a keyword snippet in the LS-DYNA system and then add the keyword *Mat_Add_Erosion to account for material failure. Make sure the material ID is consistent with the material that has Johnson-Cook failure.

    In ANSYS 2021R1, a collection of selected LS-DYNA material models is added into Engineering Data for user to use. See the picture below. You may use this module to define the Johnson-Cook materials, for example, *Mat_Simplified_Johnson_Cook, in LS-DYNA systems to simulate material failure.

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