why the solution is stopping at 2e-8 second while I assign end time as 1 second?


  • KaiKai Posts: 108Forum Coordinator

    Hi, did the analysis finish gracefully? Can you also show the solve.out?

  • BhumikBhumik Posts: 4Member

    thanks for the reply.

    Please find attached solver output screen capture.

  • ramgopisettiramgopisetti Posts: 102Member

    Hi @Bhumik , can you specify the number of cycles that you have used, it seems to me that you have specified only 1 cycle, can you elaborate more on this for further help, usually for the Explicit dynamics, the number of cycles are 1E7 ad by reducing the this count the solver will have significant effect as in your simulation try to increase that number to at least 1E6 in order to get consistent results so that your simulation can iterate to your desired end time.



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