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I am trying to simulate a coil to calculate B_field, inductance, and ohmic and core losses. I am running Optimetrics so that I get L>=10.5uH. The parameters that have to be automatically varied are core dimensions, air gap, number of turns.

How to know if the cost function will lead to convergence? What would be a limit on parameterization?

Do we have a rule of thumb that certain number parameter variations would converge?

I am getting errors: separate operation failed due to lump count inconsistency. found 18 lumps instead of the expected 16 lumps. What does this error mean?

Are the number of parameters too many to vary to achieve the desired optimization?

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    Hello @nchode,

    Yes, the simulation successfully completes now. I used the heal function and the error is no more there. The unhealed and the healed geometry gives the same results. But what is the meaning of this error?



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