Ansys Insight: How Parametrize your design

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It is possible to use parameters while creating your design in Lumerical’s component solvers (FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, and DEVICE). There are multiple levels on which you can do this.

model: This is the top-most level in the Objects Tree. All other objects in the model tree can be accessed from here. It is possible to create your structure using the “Setup” script. You can also define variables under the “Setup” tab and use them to parametrize your structure. The following screenshot shows how you can vary the radius and height of a cylinder in your design by using the “Setup” tab in model.

1799×633 67.7 KB

structure group: In a similar manner, it is possible to use a structure group to create a geometry and use variable (parameters) to define its properties. The screenshot below shows how we can use a structure group to add multiple nanoparticles on top of a substrate while controlling the size and periodicity of the particles using variables in the structure group.

1637×624 95.3 KB

analysis group: Analysis groups can also be used to create geometries in a manner similar to the structure groups with the additions option to add and modify other simulation objects (mesh constraints or monitors) as well. These geometries and simulation objects can be parametrized by the variables and script defined under the “Setup” tab of the analysis group.

Many examples of how to use structure and analysis groups can be found in the Object library


  • arosaarosa Posts: 5Member


    I am trying to parametrize my model and it is not clear to me how can apply this "properties" to the model. Maybe because the screenshot quality is to low to read anything. Perhaps you can go deep into this point and update with improved quality screenshots.

    Thank you.

  • trobertstroberts Posts: 37Ansys Employee

    Essentially you define a variable in the properties tab. Then that variable will be accessible in the script workspace to setup your device. I'll take a look at the images.

  • arosaarosa Posts: 5Member

    Thanks for your answer. In this case, is that variable accessible from any defined element in the model? I mean, can I call the variable to define a length when I am defining , for example, the substrate in the model?

  • arosaarosa Posts: 5Member

    Got it! Thanks for your answer. Anyway, I recommend and pictures update with more quality.

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