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I am simulating an internal combustion engine using ansys Forte. The simulation starts from 5° CA before the intake valve opening to 5° CA after the exhaust valve opening. However, when the intake valve open crank angle reaches, the deadlock in MPI communication for the job occurs. Thereafter simulation stops at that crank angle.

I am unable to understand the possible reason for this error.


  • RKRK Posts: 442Ansys Employee


    This error usually ocurs when you are running on fewer cores. Please use larger number of cores and try again. Let us know if the issue persists.

  • I am running my simulation in an HPC server, where I am using 80 core on 2 nodes. Please suggest how

    to resolve this issue

    I guess the issue cause due to the mesh problem at the intake valve opening. Sometimes, I get different errors at this crank angle like below.

    Error in creating auto mesh

    Assertion failed: RegionController.cpp:330

    CGNS solution file closed successfully

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