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Windows 10 Firewall configuration for Ansys 2021 R1 and RSM for HPC configuration — Ansys Learning Forum

Windows 10 Firewall configuration for Ansys 2021 R1 and RSM for HPC configuration

apr37apr37 Member Posts: 30

Hello Ansys,

I have a set of Windows 10 computers all running AEDT 2021 R1 with RSM and the Intel MPI. I have successfully solved a set of model variations in a distributed manner between all of these computers, with one of them acting a a head node and the rest as compute nodes, but I have done so by disabling the Private firewall on all computers (and setting their common network as a private network).

I would like to restore the firewall in general, but I believe I need to make some firewall exceptions in order for this HPC configuration to continue to function.

Can you tell me which processes need firewall exceptions in order for this HPC configuration to work with the firewalls up?

Thank you,



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  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 823
    Accepted Answer

    @apr37 You would need to add an exception for the entire AnsysEM installation directory and the installation directory for the Intel MPI. You may also try opening the ephemeral port range if you are unable to add the exception based on the entire installation path. There are some Microsoft articles where it details the default range of ephemeral ports on Windows.

  • apr37apr37 Member Posts: 30

    Interesting, mmadore. I'm not familiar with either of these approaches (exceptions by directory or ephemeral ports). I'm only familiar with accessing Windows Defender Firewall from the Control Panel and adding exceptions based on the list found there. Sounds like I have some learning to do. Can you provide an example of how to do either of those approaches, or provide a link to some specific resource such as one of the Microsoft articles you mentioned? After a cursory search for such an article, I didn't find anything that made it obvious to me that I was reading about the right subject.

    Thank you,


  • apr37apr37 Member Posts: 30

    Thanks for this resource. I will give this a try.

  • apr37apr37 Member Posts: 30

    I'm not sure if there is something different about either Ansys EDT or Windows 10 since last year, but I started off the process of determining which ports I needed to open in the firewall by just turning the firewall back on with no additional ports open. I went to start a solve, then was prompted by Windows about making a few firewall exceptions:

    PMI proxy for Hydra Process Manager:

    C:\program files\ansysem\ansysem21.1\win64\common\fluent_mpi\multiport\mpi\win64\intel\bin\pmi_proxy.exe

    Process manager for MPI applications:

    C:\program files\ansysem\ansysem21.1\win64\common\fluent_mpi\multiport\mpi\win64\intel\bin\mpiexec.exe

    HF3d Solver:

    C:\program files\ansysem\ansysem21.1\win64\hf3d.exe

    I gave permission for access and then everything worked just fine. No need for the manual port opening I expected.

    Thank you for the resources, though. I will resort to these if I have any issues in the future.


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