the difference between LSDYYNA in ansys 12.1 and 16.0 versions?

I want to know what improvements have been made to LSDYNA in ANSYS12.1 and 16.0 versions. A same k file produces two results, one converges and the other does not converge.


  • ramgopisettiramgopisetti Posts: 102Member

    Hi @poorlearner , can you able to elaborate exactly the issue with your simulation, for further help



  • poorlearnerpoorlearner Posts: 4Member

    Thank you for your reply. What I am doing is moving the wheel on the rail to simulate the actual railway contact problem.After the model is built, the wheel is rotated on the rail to move forward. Such a model is built in such a way that a calculation file - a K file - is a calculation file for the contacts.The results of the same K file solved by the LSDYNA solver of version 16 are different from those of version 12. The results of version 16 do not converge, but the results of version 12 can converge.I guess it is caused by different ways of dealing with damping in different versions of LSDYNA, but I have no scientific basis to support it.So I was wondering if you know why.

    Thanks again for your help!



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