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hello, can you help me plz, how I can make a quadratic mesh in this geometry.

I made a mesh like you see in the picture, but when I change the type of mesh or the size the constraint changes too, so I can't know if my tank holds the pressure or not.

-       Shell elements for the shell.

-       Solid elements for the sight glass and the flanges.


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    You can change the order of the mesh to Quadratic. See the first image. If you want to change the order for only certain components, you can add a Method for those components and change the Element order only for those components (see image 2).

    You said "...when I change the type of mesh or the size the constraint changes too..." What do you mean by 'the constraint changes'? Does the load change? Are you applying the load to the geometry or the mesh? If loads are applied to the mesh (i.e. nodes or elements rather than the underlying geometry), then generating a new mesh will delete those loads (or render those load unscoped). If that is the case, then scope the loads to the underlying geometry and not the mesh.

    Hope this helps,


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    @sdeogeka the order of the mesh is quadratic, what i mean by the constraint ( stress).

    thnk you

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    So does the stress distribution change when the mesh order is changed from linear to quadratic? A small change in the stress distribution is expected. But if the change in stress distribution is large then that would indicate that the mesh you are using is not fine enough.

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