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Bond Strength — Ansys Learning Forum

Bond Strength

Is it possible to incorporate a bond strength of 60 kPa between a contact and target body in a static structural project? and if so, how?


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member Posts: 11,369
    edited March 21


    Read Chapter 13 of the Contact Technology Guide: Contact Debonding. Open the ANSYS Help then paste the following text into the Address Bar.

    The debonding capability refers specifically to separation of bonded contact. It can be used to simulate interface delamination where the interface is modeled using bonded contact with the augmented Lagrangian method or the pure penalty method. A cohesive zone material must be used to define the traction separation behavior of the interface.

    The cohesive zone material will have 60 kPa as one of the material constants.

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