kretschmann configuration with nano-pillars

NLevNLev Member Posts: 3

In my current project I am trying to simulate the excitation of lattice resonance modes in a sub-wavelength metasurface made of elliptical amorphous silicon nanowires, by using a Kretschmann configuration with glass as the substrate below the nanowires.

It doesn't seem to be possible to run a stable simulation using BFAST sources at 45 degree angle of incidence, with the source placed within the glass - the fact that the index of glass is higher than that of the air between the a-Si nanowires seems to make FDTD think that the simulation would be unstable.

I've been trying to read about other solution involving the Krestchmann configuration, but they don't seem to fit well enough to my setup - I have a 3D instead of a 2D structure, and I would like to be able to analyze the reflectance for a certain bandwidth of wavelengths rather than analyzing for a single wavelength.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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