Can't find "LS-Dyna Export" Component

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Hello everyone,

In the ANSYS Workbench (2020 R1), I cannot find the component that exports the .k file from ANSYS to LS-Dyna (Explicit Dynamics, LS-Dyna Export). I also checked the install log file and it shows me that I installed it. Could you please help? Thank you.


  • myvuemyvue Posts: 17Member

    I uninstalled, and then reinstalled ANSYS, but the problem still persists.

  • gnagappgnagapp Posts: 99Forum Coordinator


    Go to Tools -> Options -> Appearance and turn on “Beta options” and also turn on “Unsupported Features”


    The LS-Dyna Export does require a Ansys LS-Dyna license

    If it still doesn't show up

    Click on View all/customize at the bottom of the toolbox

    Then turn on the LS Dyna Export system


    LS PrePost can read in Nastran files. So, you can write out a Nastran file from Mechanical application. Being sure to set mesh pref to explicit. Then read it into LSPP and translate to k file.

  • ramgopisettiramgopisetti Posts: 102Member

    Hi @myvue , you can export k file by clicking write input file and you can choose .k and .key or you can look in the solve directory of your simulation and check for .k file and make sure you are on current system

    cheers Ram

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