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System/hardware requirements for high demanding projects — Ansys Learning Forum

System/hardware requirements for high demanding projects

monipmfmonipmf Member Posts: 11

Hi everyone,

we are planning to buy a little cluster for working on 'heavy' projects but I came accross some doubts and it would be great if someone could give me a hand.

I’m used to work on a Windows workstation and, assuming that this cluster will run on Linux (on which I have very little experience), which skills do I have to acquire to being able to work efficiently on that environment?

And how the job management will differ from a Windows workstation in terms of GUI, real-time monitor and so on?


Moreover, how can one estimate the hardware effort required by a project?

Which are the indicators that can show how many cores and RAM is better to have to solve efficiently a particular model?


 Thanks in advance,



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