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We are not able to start 2021 R1 Fluent with a valid license. However, we are able to run Fluent2019 — Ansys Learning Forum

We are not able to start 2021 R1 Fluent with a valid license. However, we are able to run Fluent2019

mashimaro_starmashimaro_star Member Posts: 21

When open 2021R1 Fluent, It returns a error message like this "ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Failover feature 'CFD Solver - Level 1' is not available.

Request name cfd_solve_level1 does not exist in the licensing pool.

No such feature exists.

Feature:      cfd_solve_level1

License path: [email protected];[email protected];

FlexNet Licensing error:-5,147"

We do not have any problems using Fluent 2019.

Could you advise?

Thank you.

In addition, we also have problems to run Ensight, which we also have licenses for.


  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 823

    @mashimaro_star You will need to obtain an updated license file from your ANSYS Account Team to run 2021R1, and you'll need to also update the license manager to the latest release. The ASC on your account may access a new license from the Ansys Licensing Portal (

  • mashimaro_starmashimaro_star Member Posts: 21

    Thank you. As the PI of the lab, I used to use ANSYS Customer Portal to schedule virtual meeting using request submission. Could you let me know how we can ask technicians to do similar things now? It is not convenient now since ANSYS customer portal turned down all requests.

  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 823

    @mashimaro_star As you may have been informed, the Academic Support Policy has changed. Support is provided through the Ansys Learning Forum.

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