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humanaverage material properties — Ansys Learning Forum

humanaverage material properties

isabellatubillaisabellatubilla Member Posts: 1


I want to simulate SAR plots of a circular coil next to a hand. I am able to do so by importing a human hand from the ANSYS library. However, I want to have the hand be flat and parallel to the coil, and the ANSYS library hand is curved. Therefore, I am wondering how to take the "humanaverage" material, which is what the ANSYS human hand is made out of, and apply those properties to a simple block, then run the simulation from there. Is it possible to make other objects out of the "humanaverage" material? If not, is there a way I can replicate these properties into a new material I make on my own? I would be happy to do this but I do not know what those properties are, the ANSYS application does not give much detail about the properties of the humanaverage material.

Thank you.

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