Sinusoidal Current Excitation

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I'm trying to excite my PMSM motor phases with a sinusoidal current equation but I'm not sure how to define the equation with according time dependent variables.

I want to have an Amplitude of 750A at a 33 Hz frequency (105.9 rpm at 500V).

Can anyone help me how to define the equations for each phase?

Kind regards



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    I tried to excite my Stator coils as follows:

    For Phase B and C I added a phase shift of +- 2*pi/3.

    When I analyze my PMSM I don't get any stator currents:

    Can anyone help?

    Greets Lukas

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    You can compare all your setups with build-in examples in Maxwell to troubleshoot:

    Click file on the top left corner, choose Open examples, then click RMxprt. Choose the motor type of interest, e.g. pmsg. Open the design.

    Then run the design. After completing analysis, right click on Analyze-->Create Maxwell Design-->ok. A ready-to-run maxwell design will be automatically generated. You can check if there's any difference between your setups and its.

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    Thank you for your answer, I'm aware of the examples but couldn't find any solution yet.

    My simulation works fine with voltage excitation but somehow not with a current excitation.

    Is the equation I use correct? What else has to be set in order to excite with constant sinusoidal current?

    Thank you for your help :)

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    Your equation looks correct. Did you get 0 current in the current waveform when you use any current excitation or just the one you showed? For example, try a DC current and see if it's still 0.

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