Ansys Insight : SpaceClaim settings for creating 3D surfaces (baffles) for CHT analysis

RKRK Ansys Employee Posts: 12

Here are a few things to keep in mind when performing a Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) analysis which includes 3D surface bodies (baffles):

1). It is important to use the 'Merge' option (from the 'Share Topology' pull down list) when modeling baffle surfaces in the geometry.

2). While doing this, it is important to group all of the solid and surface bodies into separate components as different options will be applied to each of these components.

3). 'Share' option must be applied to the component comprising of solids. Please ensure that 'None' option is applied on the component with surface bodies.

4). Doing this will ensure successful creation of wall and wall-shadows in Fluent for performing conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis. Keywords: share / merge options, conjugate heat transfer analysis, 3D baffles, surface bodies, share topology

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