How to request a Lumerical evaluation license

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This outlines the process to obtain an evaluation/trial license from the Lumerical Launcher 2021 R1 release.

Note: Internet connection is required when using the evaluation license obtained using the process below.

1) Download and install the Lumerical simulation suite into a supported Windows PC.

2) Open the Lumerical Launcher and select "I want to evaluate Lumerical" when prompted.

3) Otherwise, select 'Lumerical' in the "Floating > License manager selection" and 'localhost' as Server.

3) "Apply" and "Restart the Launcher" when prompted.

4) Sign In with your 'Lumerical Account'.

5) To evaluate a specific solver, navigate to 'Solvers' and click on the 'Evaluate' button on the right of the Solver you want to evaluate.

6) To evaluate the solvers in a specific application example, select the example and click on the 'Obtain License' button.

The "30 day evaluation license" required for the selected example will be downloaded and activated on your PC. If you want to try a different example, the "Obtain license" button will be enabled if you do not have the license(s) required for the example.

See this article in the KB for more information on Evaluation/Trial license requirements.


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