How to set realistic ballistic impact conditions

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Dear all,

I'm not sure if this question is better suited in the materials forum, but I am trying to model a realistic bullet impact simulation in explicit dynamics. I have successfully run the simulation several times on various surfaces. I have used Johnson-Cook parameters and specified material properties. However, I am not sure if Ansys automatically accounts for kinematic strengthening and other stress/strain effects on the materials. Any insights would be appreciated as to how much information I am required to input to maximise accuracy of the damage and plasticity models.

(Note: I do not have any self-conducted experimental data to make a comparison to).

Thank you.


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    In Explicit Dynamics system, once simulation is done, you can highlight the Solution in Tree Outline and then click on Worksheet on the top toolbar to open the window of User-Defined Results.

    Among these results, you can plot YLD_STRESS to watch the change of current yield stress with plastic strain (strain hardening), plastic strain rate (strain rate hardening), and local temperature (thermal softening).

    You can also plot EPS_RATE for Effective Plastic Strain Rate or other stress/strain components to monitor their change in time and in space.

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