Ansys insight: Fixing common Lumerical licensing errors

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We have the following guidelines for fixing common Lumerical licensing errors:

Floating license error: -83 Version of vendor daemon is too old

Floating license error: -140 Version of vendor daemon is too old

The above errors indicate that the version of the Vendor Daemon is old. Update to the latest version of the license manager to resolve the issue.

Floating license error: -96 License server machine is down

Floating license error: -97 The desired vendor daemon is down

The next errors are quite similar. (-96), indicates that the license manager is not running (stopped) and (-97), the LUMERICL daemon is not running. To resolve these;

  1. Make sure that the license manager is up and running. Otherwise, restart the license manager.
  2. Configure your license server and ensure that the ports used by the license manager is open to allow access to the license server.
  3. Configure Lumerical to obtain the license from the correct license server and port. i.e. check for typos or consult with license server administrator for this information.

FlexNet Licensing error: -15 Cannot connect to license server

See this post for details.

FlexNet Licensing error: -4 License number of users already reached

Currently all the license for the said product/feature has been "checkout" or in use by other users.

  • Wait for the license to be returned by the current user/s or verify license usage/availability from the license server. See this post to check for license status and usage on your license manager.
  • If running a simulation job, check your resource configuration if you have enough solve licenses to run your simulation.
  • When trying to open multiple instances of the Lumerical CAD on Linux, see this post.
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