Could not transfer loads and constraints to the solver

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Hi experts,

I am using ANSYS 19.2. I want to impact two elements. And I want to add a point mass on moving element in the simulation. My simulation was OK without a point mass. But my simulation does not work with a point mass.

At the beginning it shows me an error "Deformable behavior for remote entities is not supported in Explicit Dynamics systems. Please change such behavior to Rigid". And I changed the behavior of the point mass to rigid. Now I got an error "Could not transfer loads and constraints to the solver".

This is the solver output:


Initialising model.........Complete

Warning. The minimum number of cores for parallel is 2, using the default setting

Analysis settings transferred.

Retrieving mesh ......Complete.

Retrieving Contacts .....Complete.

Retrieving Mesh Data .....

  Retrieving nodal data .....

   Found 18606 nodes.

  Retrieving elemental size data .....

   Found 62677 elements.

Mesh Data retrieval complete.

Retrieving Coordinate Systems .....Complete.

Retrieving Initial Conditions .....Complete.

Retrieving Parts count.....Complete.

Retrieving Materials .....

Starting transfer of material Aluminum alloy, high strength, wrought

Material Aluminum alloy, high strength, wrought loaded successfully.

Material Retrieval Complete.

Retrieving Parts Data .....Complete.

Retrieving Cross Sections ......Complete.

Retrieving Variable Shell Thickness ......Complete.

Transferring Coordinate Systems Complete.

Transferring Node Information Complete.

Transferring Material Information .....Complete.

Checking for Remote Points ....Found remote points.

Transferring Remote Points ....Complete.

Getting Boundary Conditions ....Error reading in the CAERep from Simulation



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    Hello @nuwan,

    When you set the deformation behavior as rigid, all the surfaces that are scoped to the point mass become rigid in a sense. So if you have any boundary conditions/loads that are scoped to these surfaces (to which point mass is attached) it might create problems. Could ensure that this doesn't happen in your case. Also, provide an image of your boundary conditions, loads and surfaces to which remote point is scoped.



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