Simulating airflow in a room through Ducts

Dear all,

I am trying to simulate the airflow in a lecture hall that is ventilated through ventilation. In my model I have modelled a room and 2 bodies of vents as shown.

As I was trying to get the fluid domain in the hall, I have used Boolean subtract with the lecture hall set as the target body and the 2 duct bodies set as the tool bodies and the tool bodies were set to be preserved. The room was then set as fluid and I should also mention that the duct bodies was set as fluid and the walls of the ducts and the room's surfaces were named as walls. Finally, the diffuser surfaces on the duct were named as interior.

With all the important surfaces being named using named selection, I then proceeded to try to get the mesh done. But as soon as i moved into the mesh tab, I noticed that the geometry of the room was missing with only the duct present in the model even though the mesh was produced.

Can anyone point out what went wrong in my geometry preparation that has caused this to happen? Was it because of the boolean subtract or was it because of the settings? Any input is appreciated. The zip files containing the model is attached below.


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